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Armor, LLC offers quick and dependable service and expertise that adds value to the services you offer as a real estate professional. We offer free roof inspections and discounts on roofing services to your clients. We also provide roof certifications that fulfill requirements of many lending institutions, and give you that extra push needed to provide your clients with peace of mind and close the sale.

Home Inspection vs. Roof Inspection

Roof inspections are not the same thing as home inspections. Home inspectors do not usually perform thorough roof inspections. A trained, certified roof inspector can report on the various components of the roofing system including:

  • Condition of the roof covering I.E. shingle, tile, PVC, etc.
  • Premature aging or damage due to severe weather or exposure
  • Damage from or likelihood of ice dam formation
  • Adequate ventilation/heat damage to roof covering
  • Current international, state, and local code compliance
  • Proper installation of roofing system components

Inspection Objections

Often times, we are contacted by brokers dealing with inspection objections pertaining to the roof and roofing system. We can get those addressed before the closing date to make sure that everything goes smoothly and your client’s experience is one they will remember and tell their friends about.

Roof Inspections and Certifications

Call us today to schedule a no-cost roof inspection for your property. We will provide you with a detailed roof report, including pictures of the property and roof, and the condition of the various roofing system components. After the inspection, for a nominal fee, we can provide you with a 5 year certification which comes with a 3-year, transferable, No-Leak Guarantee1.

Discounts for your clients

When you refer your clients to Armor, LLC, we will save them money by providing commercial rates to your customers. This lets sellers save money, and adds to the value that buyers receive for their money. The more value your clients get, the more likely they are to enlist your services next time they buy or sell a home. Why do we do this? The same reason you would – repeat business is the best business.

Payment after closing

Dollars aren’t boomerangs. Your clients don’t want to throw money at their house and just hope it comes back. To make sure that your clients are as comfortable as possible throughout the home buying or selling process, we offer payment options that include financing and payment after closing. That way, your clients don’t have to pay us until the sale is closed2.

Quality you can rely on, service you can depend on

Every full roofing system that Armor, LLC installs comes with a 10 year, transferable workmanship warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s product warranty. We offer extended and lifetime warranties, and are certified installers of Owens-Corning, CertainTeed, and Tamko roofing products. No matter which roofing  system is on your client’s property – asphalt shingle, cement tile, terra cotta, EPDM, TPO, shake, PCV, and more, Armor has you covered.

"Glenn from Armor was incredible.

We were in the midst of selling our house when the buyers came back to us and told us they wanted a new roof... based on suspected hail damage. We were in a panic as there hadn't been any roof replaced in our neighborhood from hail damage and we couldn't afford to pay for it out of pocket.

Fortunately, Glenn from Armor was able to get on our roof the day we called and confirmed the suspected hail damage, and despite the poor expectations provided by our insurance company, they ended up agreeing that part of the roof needed to be replaced. But that wasn't where the story ended.

The buyers wanted the entire roof replaced, not just part of it. Glenn was able to convince the insurance company that, based on city code, the entire roof would need to be done. And he succeeded.

The roof was replaced the week before closing, and the sale of the house went through! We would absolutely recommend Armor roofing."

Andrew T.

Erie, CO 

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